Besides being able to purchase any of the completed works shown in the gallery, you may commission other classical paintings created from between the 15th to 19th centuries by  indicating the author and title of the painting.

Several factors: time required to obtain documentation about a painting, complexity of the work, drying time and preparation of packaging, make it impossible to state a delivery date with total exactitude; however, a rough estimate would be two  to three months.

If you wish, you can receive weekly photographs by e-mail to enable you to follow  the painting process of your commission closely.

Method of Payment

Two options are available:

  1. 1.Two payments:  half of the total cost in advance and the second as a C.O.D.

  2. 2.Three payments: one third of the total in advance, the second halfway through the process and the final one as a C.O.D.

Payment for the purchase of works displayed in the gallery is C.O.D. (cash on delivery).

The minimum price for works in the gallery is 1000 euros; this minimum does not refer to commissions.

Shipping costs will be shared by myself and the purchaser: 50 - 50.

Payments are by bank transfer with the exception of C.O.D. payments.


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